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GRE (Graduate Record Exam) - General

Online GRE Test Preparation

The GRE general test does not test specific knowledge in any subject. It measures the ability to respond to questions in limited time. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a multiple-choice exam designed to measure verbal, analytical, and quantitative skills. The GRE General Test, required by most graduate schools, many vet schools, and various other allied health professional schools, is considered to be a good predictor of your success in a graduate program.

The test consists of following types of questions:

  1. Verbal Ability Online Test Practice
    1. Antonyms: Online Test Practice
      You select a word that is most nearly opposite in meaning.
    2. Analogies: Online Test Practice
      You select a pair of words that expresses a best relationship in similarity to the original pair of words.
    3. Sentence Completion: Online Test Practice
      A word or words are omitted from a sentence. You select the word or words that are when inserted, best fit the whole sentence to give the true meaning.
    4. Reading Comprehension: Online Test Practice
      You answer questions about reading passages from a variety of topics.
  2. Quantitative Ability Online Test Practice
    1. Problem Solving:
      You solve multiple-choice general math and word problems.
    2. Quantitative Comparison:
      You compare the quantities given in two columns and identify the larger quantity.
  3. Analytical Ability Online Test Practice
    1. Analytical Reasoning:
      You need to draw reasoned conclusions and relationships based on different sets of statements
    2. Logical Reasoning:
      You drive logical conclusions and relationships from a variety of situations and passages.

Format of computer-based GRE exam is as followed:

Part No. of Questions Time Limit
Essay Analysis of Issue 1 45 min
Analysis of Argument 1 30 min
Break   5 min
Quantitative Ability
Online Test Practice
Problem Solving 14 45 min
Quantitative Comparison 14
Break   5 min
Verbal Ability
Online Test Practice
Sentence Completion
Online Test Practice
6 30 min
Online Test Practice
Reading Comprehension
Online Test Practice
Online Test Practice