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Contemporary Mass Media (MCM520)

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Brief survey of origin and development of press in Europe and America Sub continent pre- partition, History and development of radio in the world UK -BBC, ( Europe) USA - Voice of America, etc. (America) Sub-continent -All India Radio and Radio Pakistan etc. Brief survey of origin and development of TV in Europe and America Sub continent, south Asia, Brief survey of origin of film and recording industry in the world Europe and America, South Asia (Sub-continent), New Media What is new media? Origin and development of internet, new media New Media Panics (Advantages/disadvantages), Major Media organizations of the world, News Agencies Newspapers and Magazines, Radio channels TV channels and Production Houses Film Production Houses, Mass media and globalization What is globalization? Understanding the difference between globalization and internationalization Mass media - an important tool, Impact of globalization Threats of global media to native cultures and economy of poor and developing countries – a step towards uni-polar world Free flow of information; people’s right to know and globalization, Media moguls/tycoons/giants of the world Emergence /Background realities/ reasons/objectives Five major giants out of nine, Present situation: how they are ruling and achieving their objectives Hindering freedom of expression, Demand for a new information order by developing countries, Ownership patterns, organizational Structures and management of mass media in the world. Why media ownership matters? Effects of ownership on content, Mass media organizations in South Asia, Mass media organizations in Europe and America, Use of media by power blocks, super powers Exploitation of media, Mass Media and Contemporary Social Issues Human Rights and media Human trafficking, Drugs Arms smuggling Aids/ Cancer Child rights, Women and Media Portrayal of women in media, Women empowerment Women rights Issues of Women in developed, developing and poor countries, Environment and Media Industrialization, Global warming Pollution UN framework convention on climate change, Media and Consumerism Consumerism and capitalism, Media advertising sells an image, Western society and consumerism, Extremism and terrorism What is extremism and terrorism? ( Social and psychological reasons of extremism and terrorism), Difference between fundamentalism and extremism Violence and media, Islamo-phobia and west – All terrorists are Muslims Propaganda against Islam on Western Media, Islamic channels Combating terrorism, Population: The magnitude of Population growth and its consequences International media programs to control population and to create awareness, Poverty alleviation and mass media ,New Information Communication Technologies: Need and Cultural contexts What are ICTs? Rapid growth in ICT use among Young people, ICTs and development Trends in E-strategies, New Communication Revolution Importance of Digital Media, Social and cultural impact of digital media in the modern world, Information Society Concept of information society Ethics and Values in digital age/ information society, Can privacy be protected in the Information Age? Are people better informed in the Information Society? Is Television Harmful for Children? Mass Persuasion And Propaganda, The nature and function of propaganda (historically and in contemporary society), Theories and techniques of propaganda and implications of propaganda for democratic values, Understanding the difference between Persuasion and Propaganda, Communication And Culture What is popular culture? Relationship between Mass Media and Popular Culture (mass media - a tool), Seeing Ourselves: Media and Representation Selling Images and Values, Our Constructed World: Media Environments the Global Citizen New and Converging Technologies, New and Converging Technologies Popular culture and consumerism

Recommended Books

1Introduction to Mass CommunicationW.K. Agee, P.H. Ault
2International communication: Continuity and changeDaya Kishan Thussu
3Media/impact - an introduction to mass mediaShirley Biagi
4Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass CommunicationRichard Campbell

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