Questions are taken from recent past papers as well as old papers and it is tried to provide their accurate answers. Other relevant and useful information such as chapter number and page number from handouts is also tried to provide.

Choose a course for Objective Questions/Answers

CS101: Introduction to Computing (mid-term - Final)
CS201: Introduction to Programming (mid-term - Final)
CS301: Data Structures (mid-term - Final)
CS401: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming (mid-term - Final)
CS504: Software Engineering - I (mid-term - Final)
CS506: Web Design and Development (mid-term - Final)
CS601: Data Communication (mid-term - Final)
CS604: Operating Systems (mid-term - Final)
CS605: Software Engineering - II (mid-term - Final)
CS607: Artificial Intelligence (mid-term - Final)
CS609: System Programming (mid-term - Final)
CS610: Computer Network (mid-term - Final)
CS614: Data Warehousing (mid-term - Final)
ECO401: Economics (mid-term - Final)
ECO404: Managerial Economics (mid-term - Final)
ENG201: Business and Technical English Writing (mid-term - Final)
ENG301: Business Communication (mid-term - Final)
MGT101: Financial Accounting (mid-term - Final)
MGT301: Principles of Marketing (mid-term - Final)
MGT503: Principles of Management (mid-term - Final)
MGT601: SME Management (mid-term - Final)
MKT630: International Marketing (mid-term - Final)
MTH202: Discrete Mathematics (mid-term - Final)
MTH302: Business Mathematics & Statistics (mid-term - Final)

Choose a course for Subjective Questions/Answers

ACC311: Fundamentals of Auditing (mid-term - Final)
CS101: Introduction to Computing (mid-term - Final)

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